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Embedded Systems



• Platform Independence
• Object Oriented
• Threading
• Threading
• Distributed Computing
• Interfacing & Enhancing Legacy Code


• Low level services are already implemented
• J2EE is well documented and understood
• J2EE is a standardized and reliable software architecture
• J2EE gives you a lot of flexibility
• APIs used in J2EE are well documented.


• The Framework provides a very clean separation of code from content.
• Server-Side code placement Web Page
• ASP. NET runs events on the server.
• Error Handling
• Compatibility

Web Services, Design & Hosting


• Accessibility
• Video and Audio Support
• Doctype
• Cleaner Code
• Smarter Storage
• Better Interactions
• Game Development
• Legacy/Cross Browser Support


• Cost -PHP is completely free.
• Ease of Use -PHP is easy to learn compared to many other scripting languages. PHP has a syntax that is easy to parse and is actually rather human-friendly.
• Embedded -PHP can be easily embedded directly into HTML.
• Compatibility -PHP runs native on all UNIX and Windows platforms.
• Not Tag-Based -PHP is a real programming language.
• Stability
• Speed
• Open source licensing

Jquery Mobile

• Spending less time designing and coding.
• Incorporating predesigned layout, control, and widget elements.
• Bringing attractive transitions and effects to your mobile site that are normally only expected in native mobile apps (e.g., iOS and Android).

Embedded with Android

Android for embedded systems

• Android is an open source platform built by Google.
•  That includes an operating system, middleware, and applications for the development of
  devices employing Wireless Communications, Non-Mobile Android Devices,Android for In-Vehicle Infotainment etc.

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