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About Us

about-us Founded in 1998, the Mirror Technologies Group today is a leading supplier for 19" electronic packaging and rotary components worldwide. Mirror Tech's modular approach allows fast, cost-effective, and proven performance for customized design modifications to standard platforms. The base products, with creative design innovations for Advanced Microcontroller and other architectures. The company’s design expertise allows fast implementation of full custom designs for backplanes, sub-racks, enclosures and cabinets, as well as full system integration.

The Mirror Tech has its headoffice's in Chennai, Madurai. The Mirror Tech incorporates production facilities in Chennai as well as company owned sales organizations in Chennai and 10 of branches around Tamil Nadu.The Components division is a technology leader and coded switches, mechanical and optical encoders and is the preferred supplier in many electronic industries. Knobs , LED arrays, and pushbutton and dip switches complete the product offering. Customization is offered “in any quantity”.

There's a certain spirit at MirrorTech - we're team-driven and focused on the future. The environment is dynamic and fast-paced, and no two days are alike. Regardless of your professional specialty or current level of experience, you'll find a career that's challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. We have many things going for us - an expanding customer base, leading-edge technologies, an unsurpassed reputation for excellence and leadership. But, at the end of the day, it's our employees who matter most. Without question, they are our most valuable resource. At

MirrorTech, we offer a variety of benefits, work-life and professional development programs that allow employees to balance exciting careers with enriching home lives. Our concern for the well-being of our employees is reflected in countless ways, from flexible work schedules to the competitive benefits and compensation packages we provide. You'll also find that the work environment, culture and people who work here help contribute to a rich quality of life at work. Culture

Despite rapid growth, MirrorTech has been able to maintain an entrepreneurial culture. Employees collaborate rather than compete. There's a sense of excitement and a definite pride in how the company is becoming. At quarterly meetings, all employees are fully informed of the Company's progress against stated objectives.

Because this is a fast-paced industry, we challenge our employees to set goals, accept responsibility, and solve problems. And we reward and recognize employees for taking on these challenges. MirrorTech' success directly impacts each and every employee at the company, whether through stock options, profit sharing plans, customer satisfaction, or career opportunity.

MirrorTech Values posters are proudly displayed in all of our conference rooms and in each employee's cubicle to reinforce the following shared values:

* Delighting Our Customers
* Leaders in Innovation
* Highest Levels of Integrity
* Respect for Individuals
* Passion and Accountability

Finally, dress is casual, and the atmosphere is relaxed. At MirrorTech, we believe that our casual environment lends itself to freer thinking and, therefore, creative problem-solving. Community

At MirrorTech, we live by the values of integrity and respect. That applies to our relationships with our customers, it applies to our interactions with each other, and it continues to apply in the communities where we work and live.

As individuals, many of us volunteer with and support local organizations. If our philosophy of collaborating with our customers has taught us anything, however, it's that we can do more together than we can alone. That's why we, as a company, are pleased to support local community programs.

MirrorTech supports a great many different charities and community groups. Our donations are focused on education, youth services, and environmental awareness programs with special consideration given to activities of our employees.

Organizations Supported

* Red Cross, Guindy
* United Way, Delhi
* Help Age India, Chennai
* Various local charities at our sites worldwide

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