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Hardware Design and Development

Mirrortech are able to offer hardware design services for a wide range of circuit techniques and applications. Our engineers have years of experience in the design and manufacture of all aspects of electronic engineering,

We usually combine many of these circuit design topologies to meet the design requirements of our clients. Historically, much of our work has been in the control of industrial machinery. This has given us a very good insight into the mechanical aspects of many pneumatic and hydraulic control systems.

In the context of fast changing world with many different challenging domains, MirrorTech Software always stays aware of changes and keeps tailoring the embedded system services in order to meet the unique of each typical domain.

Mechanical aspects of hardware design

Our experience with the mechanical aspects of hardware design enables us to offer a design process, and support structure, which takes into consideration all aspects of our clients project, not just the electronics.We can design equipment that ranges from monitoring circuits running for several years from a small battery, to circuits controlling several kilowatts. Please see our case studies area for more information on some of our design work.

At Mirrortech, we are able to offer a service that seems to be becoming increasingly rare; we can design circuits from component level upwards. Our engineers, through their years of experience, have a high level of understanding of component characteristics and operation. Working at component level allows us to design and build equipment to your exact specifications, which will meet all of your requirements. We can also implement standard parts and control modules if that is the right route for your design requirements. Many companies offer to connect standard modules together to try to achieve a control function. However, without a detailed knowledge of how the modules work at component level, a suitable design is usually not produced, and informative and insightful support cannot be offered. This is not the case at Mirrortech. We pride ourselves on the support that we provide our clients, and the close contact and consultation that we maintain with our customers through all stages of the design cycle.

At Mirrortech we can provide a hardware design route all the way through from the initial research and development stages to the final commissioning of a control system.

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If you have any questions or queries regarding our hardware design work please Contact Us...

Manufacture of all

- DC Design.
- Audio Design.
- Logic Design.
- General Analogue Design.
- Radio Frequency Design.
- Pneumatic Control Design.
- Hydraulic Control Design.


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