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Embedded Sytem & Design

That we full life cycle software engineering services focused on Embedded system has been designed to increased reliability and performance of clients’ systems, while keeping associated costs at low level. MirrorTech has a large pool of embedded system software engineers, who have rich experience in mobile development, mailing solution products, consumer electric device and telecommunication.

In the context of fast changing world with many different challenging domains, MirrorTech Software always stays aware of changes and keeps tailoring the embedded system services in order to meet the unique of each typical domain.

What we offer - Element management system (EMS)

Element management system (EMS) is industry-leading management application software for helping embedded manufacture to manage one or more specific telecommunication management network. Element management system provide unified interface to manage and control all elements of the network devices with the extensible architecture for effortlessly supporting client's future product. Expertise network management enable the client to quickly build a management system to address the business challenges.

  • pictureServices Application and Driver Development:
  • * Car Navigation Screen Design
  • * BREW PIM Application
  • * Windows CE Application
  • * ITRON Drivers and Applications
  • * Printer Drivers
  • picture Migration/ Porting:
  • * Porting among multi platform (WinCE, eLinux, iTron…)
  • * Porting OS, Driver, Application into new Chipset
  • * Embedded System Database Migration
  • * Printer Driver Migration
  • pictureTesting Services:
  • * Embedded Product Testing
  • * Software Testing
  • pictureHardware Design:
  • * SoC
  • * Board Design
  • * PCB Layout

Support/ Maintenance Services: Technical support: Fix bug, Performance Optimizing

Clients saying

"Great and hard workers to fullfill our requrirements."

-Malar Electronics, chennai


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