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Compatibility Testing

So, you’ve created a new web service for your customers and have applied all your final aesthetic touches. It looks perfect on the machines in your office, so it’s ready to release, right? Wrong! It has not passed Browser Compatibility Testing, which is essential prior to any web service release. The Internet is no longer ruled by one Internet browsing client; in fact the market now contains several big names including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Browser.

The Internet is based on standards as well as proprietary technologies that browsers must support in order to be successful. Due to the massive complexity of this task there are areas where browsers begin to behave differently.

Browser Compatibility Tests

MirrorTech Web Testing Services includes the following areas of testing for you website or web application:

Browser Compatibility Tests are concerned with two main areas:

* Testing whether the visuals of a web page are rendered correctly when observed under various combinations of operating system, browser, and screen resolution.

* Testing whether the client-side functionality is working correctly, including the effect of JavaScript, cookies, pop-up blockers, etc.

This is why it is important to make sure that your service is compatible with at least the most commonly used browsers and technologies if your product is to be successful. By performing these tests, a web service can be achieved with both user-interface and functionality which are universally consistent across various platforms and configurations. This will allow for a greater forecast of the web service’s ability to reach a wide audience. Without it, a potential customer’s confidence in the service could deteriorate based upon the non-standard results caused by their particular configuration.

The vast experience gained by MirrorTech in the area of Browser Compatibility Testing, combined with our extensive Test Lab, places us in an ideal position to provide a high level of service ranging from planning and preparation, to test execution and final reporting. We also help ensure that your web service is interoperable with various configurations and allow your product to reach a greater sphere of influence. We can test your site using tools that examine these differences in processing and rendering to make sure that your customers will see exactly what they intend to see displayed.

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