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Application Performance Monitoring

As an online business, it is imperative that you find problems with your web application before your customers do. This is particularly true with application performance as your customers are far more likely to visit a competitor’s site rather than call your help-desk to complain if your website response times are not satisfactory.

MirrorTech understand that validating your applications performance doesn’t stop after go-live. However comprehensive your pre-live performance testing has been you can never completely replicate the live environment with real users. MirrorTech can help you form a strategy for post-live monitoring of your application and help you find the best tools/services to support your requirements.

Solution And Service

We work with a number of key partners and can provide a solution to cover areas including:

  • picture Internal Network monitoring
  • picture Active website monitoring
  • pictureGlobal End-user experience monitoring
  • pictureData streaming monitoring

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